What You Need to Know About Valuable Items Insurance Coverage

​​Have you checked to make sure you have everything in your home? Without a complete inventory, you could be putting your possessions at risk. Your home may be bigger now that your family has grown and more time has passed, but more possessions are necessary. In addition, you may already have too much stuff. 

However, coverage is minimal for expensive items. If a standard homeowners insurance policy only covers you, you risk losing your more-expensive items in a burglary or fire.

Understanding Valuable Items Insurance Coverage

Valuable items insurance coverage protects your most expensive possessions against losses. Going with this kind of coverage does not mean you have to have an inventory of everything in your home.

You can add coverage for items with a purchase price of up to $10,000. If you have more expensive items, you have the option to add on to this coverage.

There are a few different options for items you want to ensure that does not fit into the typical coverage. The other options include:

  • Coverage for current items if they are stolen. This is also known as event-based coverage
  • Coverage for future items (new items you will buy in the future). You may also consider adding to your current policy
  • Coverage for both current and future items (items you currently own and items you will buy in the future)

If you have a small fine art collection, you may also want to consider additional coverage for fine art theft. This is also known as art and collectibles insurance.

Coverage for electronics is also a good idea if you have expensive items in this category. This coverage can protect against fire, natural disasters, and theft loss.

How Valuable Items Insurance Coverage Works

Valuable items insurance coverage works by covering unlimited items in your home. The coverage will help you replace or repair your items if they are damaged or stolen. In addition, this type of coverage will cover you against the loss of rent, food, medical bills, and other related expenses that can come with a burglary or fire.

Valuable items insurance coverage also provides you with enough money to enjoy your life after a burglary or fire. You are eligible for enough money to cover your living expenses while you are rebuilding or waiting to receive your insurance money.

This type of coverage is available as an add-on to the typical standard homeowners insurance coverage. You can also go with it alone or add it as an umbrella to your current policy.

The different options for valuable items insurance coverage may be available from various insurance companies. You need to verify that the other options are still available with the company you are considering. If the company does not have these different options, you may need to find another company to get the coverage you want.


Valuable items insurance coverage is a great way to protect your favorite possessions. You can add coverage for more items than you can with homeowners insurance. More importantly, valuable items insurance coverage is a great way to recover after a loss.

Don’t let your most precious possessions get away without valuable items insurance coverage. Make sure you have the right coverage for your needs. If you have any questions about this type of insurance, contact us today!

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