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Jeff Bernard is an insurance broker at The Rampart Insurance Group, specializing in Construction and Real Estate. He creates customized risk management solutions for high net-worth clients to help them avoid, reduce and better manage risk by identifying and evaluating exposures to both accidental losses and other business risks.

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multi family real estate insurance

New York Multi-Family Real Estate Insurance Dynamics Are Changing

2019 State of Insurance Market: NY Multi-Family Real Estate Catastrophic losses mean changing market dynamics Did you know most insurance companies are global? When Japan experiences earthquakes, floods and typhoons, the losses incurred by an insurance company, will actually have an impact on the cost of your insurance here in the US. In 2017 insurance […]

insurance exposure for high net worth individuals

Insurance Exposures for High Net Worth Individuals

2019 State of the Market: Personal Insurance for High Net Worth Individuals America’s rich are getting richer…and younger. Technology and venture capital are creating more paths to wealth in recent years. Studies show that the number of high net worth individuals (HNWI) is on the rise. Unfortunately, today’s millionaires and billionaires are also more vulnerable […]

business continuity plan

Making a Business Continuity Plan? Start by Asking These Questions

The majority of businesses that DON’T have a comprehensive business continuity plan – over 70% of them – will FAIL to recover from a significant interruption event. Some businesses’ biggest vulnerabilities will primarily relate to natural disasters. Others might be more easily crippled by a data breach, or breakdown of machine. If you’re a landlord, […]

outdated insurance

7 Reasons Your Successful Business May Have Outdated Insurance

How old is the insurance policy on your business? If you’ve kept the same policy for several years, you’re likely operating without some of today’s essential insurance products.