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Jeff Bernard is an insurance broker at The Rampart Insurance Group, specializing in Construction and Real Estate. He creates customized risk management solutions for high net-worth clients to help them avoid, reduce and better manage risk by identifying and evaluating exposures to both accidental losses and other business risks.

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5 Challenging Risks Property Managers Face

Owning and managing property is often complicated despite the attractiveness of the job. Besides the risk of damage to the physical properties, there are other exposures often overlooked or underestimated. Adaptability and staying educated can help you to identify and mitigate potential risks before a claim occurs.Here are (5) of the current day challenges property […]

Cyber Insurance 101: What Business Owners Need to Know

As cyber attacks and data breaches continue to threaten businesses of all sizes, more and more business owners are turning to their insurance policies to help mitigate the risk. Unfortunately, many traditional CGL policies, or commercial general liability policies, specifically exclude certain liabilities that result from a cyber attack. Therefore, you will need to look […]

Cyber Attacks: Your Business at Risk

As a business owner or CEO, you and your company are wearing a bull’s-eye on your back in the eyes of cyber criminals. In fact, your business may be an even more appealing target than the large box stores.According to Forbes, a data breach study conducted by Verizon in 2012 revealed that more than 71% […]

The “Hammer” Clause: NY Contractors Beware

As a contractor in New York, purchasing insurance can often be a headache. Among the various construction and labor laws, there are certain insurance exclusions that could put your firm at risk of tremendous claims. If you have experience working with brokers on specific projects, you may have heard of an exclusion referred to as […]