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Jeff Bernard is an insurance broker at The Rampart Insurance Group, specializing in Construction and Real Estate. He creates customized risk management solutions for high net-worth clients to help them avoid, reduce and better manage risk by identifying and evaluating exposures to both accidental losses and other business risks.

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exotic car insurance

Exotic Car Insurance

Most states require that automobile owners hold car insurance if they want to drive legally. But you might wonder if the same rules apply for exotic cars. Auto insurance for exotic cars works differently than regular car insurance. What Qualifies as an Exotic Vehicle? The definition of an exotic car is up for debate. There […]


Coronavirus: Recommended Response Strategies for Employers

There is widespread news coverage regarding the coronavirus.  Below is information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC) & the Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA) regarding how to help prevent the spread of respiratory disease.  The information includes links to interim guidance and other resources for preventing exposures to and infection with the coronavirus—now […]

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Don’t Take Chances With The Insurance For Your Law Firm

Law firms face a variety of challenges to be successful. From data security to professional services to employment-related matters, managing risk for legal professionals can be complex. Fortunately, proper insurance for your law firm can help you transfer these risks. Below are three major threats impacting your legal profession today and multiple reasons why you […]

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2020 Brings Increases for Commercial Real Estate Insurance Rates

The start of 2020 has been a continuation to commercial real estate insurance rates increases experienced in 2019.  Insurer’s new guidelines have led underwriters to be much more selective for both new and renewal business. Carriers are focused on quality business along with risk management controls. In addition to a spike in premiums, insurers are […]