Cohen Children’s Medical Center – Northwell Health

Cohen Children’s Medical Center has been ranked one of the best children’s hospitals by U.S. News and World Report. Children don’t see this medical center as a doctor’s office or hospital. They see it as a center for healing, recovery, joy and hope. This hospital views children differently too. It focuses on treating kids as the individuals that they are. All humans deserve the best when it comes to their physical, emotional and psychological health.

Kids First

Kids come first at Cohen Children’s Medical Center. The medical center offers a newsletter that concentrates solely on children’s health and the treatments that can improve their wellness. These publications are full of expert advice, patient stories and inspiration.

But Cohen Medical Center does more than provide reading material for families. The facility operates a 202-bed hospital that has catered to children of all ages, from premature infants to adolescents, since 1983. The group is now the leading provider of pediatric health services in the state of New York. It serves almost 2 million children in four counties.

The team members at the medical group involve families in all discussions and treatment plans. They understand how important it is for everyone to work together to support children’s health.

Innovation and Leadership in Pediatric Care

The multidisciplinary care teams that provide support for Cohen Children’s Hospital are innovative experts. This level of clinical proficiency and knowledge has made the group a leader in an extensive range of clinical areas.

Cohen’s Medical Center aims to build relationships with clients. The organization runs from a place of compassion, empathy and love. It’s not all about treatments, procedures and medication. Its goal is to help families and young patients thrive.

The patients inspire the teams to conduct cutting-edge research and come up with new ways to manage and treat diseases. In turn, the providers go beyond the basics and consistently search for advances that will influence children’s health within the walls of the medical center and across the globe.

Cohen’s Programs and Initiatives

The core of all of Cohen’s work is family-centered care. Keeping patients and loved ones informed, comforted and supported is essential for achieving healing.

Cohen Children’s Medical Center provides educational initiatives for school nurses. These programs are free and touch on significant topics of interest that are relevant to current health care trends, such as:
• Managing food allergies
• Dealing with childhood anxiety
• Caring for children with diabetes
• Handling social media issues and psychological health

The group also provides an educational session to train school nurses on understanding, identifying, preventing and dealing with the opioid epidemic. Car seat safety checks help parents and caregivers purchase an appropriate safety seat for their vehicle. Nutritional programs encourage families to learn more about healthy foods and exercise so that they can live long, healthy lives together.