End of the Year Insurance Checklist

He’s making a list, and checking it twice!

As we countdown to 2020, now is the perfect time to complete this simple insurance checklist to bring you peace of mind in the New Year!

1. Review Your Policies   

I know it sounds simple, but when was the last time you reviewed your home, auto, life or disability insurance policies?  Do you even know where to find them? This should be done every year. A permanent fixture on the insurance checklist.

2. Don’t Miss Open Enrollment 

Open Enrollment typically runs from November 15 until the end of the year (but varies by employer). This is your chance to modify your health insurance and employee benefits or enroll into new plans. If you’re unhappy with the plans or options through your employer, your insurance broker can help you explore other options.

3. Winterize Your Home

Baby, it’s cold outside! If you haven’t already, please winterize your home. Make sure everything is working safely to avoid potential damage caused by colder temperatures and snow. Is your roof in good condition? Are the trees on your property trimmed and the gutters clean? Heating? Plumbing? Set up an annual plan to make sure your home is ready, especially if you have plans to leave for a holiday vacation.

4. Inventory Check

The end of the year is a natural time to make a comprehensive list of your personal belongings and even photographing the items of value. This could save you a headache in the long run and will provide you with a necessary tool in the event that a claim occurs.

5. Meet With Your Insurance Advisor

Though it’s a busy time of the year, it’s usually easy to plan a meeting with your insurance advisor to review your account. You may need to discuss renovation plans, new security measures, any additions to your family, etc. Your broker will help you identify if and which changes should be made to your insurance portfolio based on occurrences in the past year, and ensure you are still receiving the most competitive pricing.

Insurance protects the things in our lives which carry meaning — our family, our home, our belongings, and our income. Invest time this season and follow this checklist so you can have peace of mind in 2019.

Opinions expressed in this article are solely the author’s opinion, not intended to provide the reader with legal or any other professional advice. Should you need advice or opinion, consult with a qualified professional to address your specific needs.