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Jeff Bernard is an insurance broker at The Rampart Insurance Group, specializing in Construction and Real Estate. He creates customized risk management solutions for high net-worth clients to help them avoid, reduce and better manage risk by identifying and evaluating exposures to both accidental losses and other business risks.

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Contractors: Do You Need Pollution Liability Insurance?

When one hears “Environmental” or “Pollution” damage, the first thing that typically comes to mind is an oil spill or other major events. As a contractor, you know that contamination can happen at even the smallest of sites, and in the most unexpected ways. Pollution liability claims are severity claims, not frequency claims. This means […]

Summer Travel: Things to Know Before You Go

Portofino, Santorini, Marrakesh, Bali, Dubai – where are you traveling this summer? It is the season to unwind, explore and have fun but even on vacation things can go wrong.  The best way to prevent any issues, and get some well-deserved R&R, is to plan ahead. Here are some tips to ensure your next summer […]

The Top 3 Tech Errors & Omissions Claims

The technology industry is one that continuously faces financial losses as a result of an error or omission in the services or products being offered. Most companies believe that their General Liability and Cyber Insurance policies will cover all bases; however, there are a variety of professional service-related losses that can only be covered by […]

Smoke and Mirrors… Insuring the Cannabis Industry

Though the Cannabis Industry continues to grow, it also continues to receive skepticism from governments, banks, and insurers. But not for long! This persistent uncertainty, along with lack of loss data, makes it difficult for insurance companies to develop an underwriting strategy for this class of business. There are many factors and risks that lead […]